Weekly Orders to Challenge and Encourage you in the daily Battle to become the Man you were created to be.


Alpha Orders Phase One Focus - Leadership


Weekly Orders will include-

  • A weekly reading assignment, including my summary

  • A Bible reading assignment with a focus on Biblical Leaders

  • Spiritual Discipline Challenge

  • A Basic Body Weight Workout

  • A Weekly Bonus Challenge for the Bold

  • Wolf Pack Members (Patreon Supporters) will have access to a weekly/biweekly video conference call for discussion.

This initiative is designed for the man who wants to improve, who wants to become a Stronger Leader, a Disciplined Father and a Better Husband. Subscribe to Alpha Orders and enter the fray, only through discipline and and growth can you become the man God intended.

Sign up Deadline February 28, 2019

*The Alpha Orders initiative is in initial testing and trial phase (please bear with me) and is free to join. After the initial phase this may change.






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