Training Intimidation Syndrome?

A special thanks to Mark Booher of Barritus for allowing me to publish his weekly e-newsletter here on Vigilant Wolf. Mark is a friend and a past guest of Ever Vigilant podcast (episode 36 & 55). I personally look forward to his weekly thoughts on personal security, situational awareness, and mindset.

Hey guys, Today, I want to talk to you about a problem that is that no one likes to discuss. In fact, while many pretend it doesn't exist, there are thousands of law enforcement officers, service personnel, and security-minded citizens who suffer in silence everyday. The problem is Training Intimidation Syndrome (TIS) and it's time we expose this menace to the light. Ok, enough of the joke. There is no real Training Intimidation Syndrome - at least not officially recognized by Board of American Psychiatric Medicine. But TIS does exists. I know people first-hand who suffer from it.

I first saw it in 2015, when my friend Tim Waid and I taught his PTK-MILITARY Close Quarters Combat Course in Arkansas. Tim Waid, who is based in Dallas, developed this course initially for the Filipino Force Recon Marines, then took the training to military and security units all over the world. In fact, he cut a 2 DVD set from it and the promo clips on YouTube have scored millions of views. You can watch one by clicking here. One our attendees, a five-year special operations veteran from the 75th Ranger Regiment took the course. He said it he had never seen anything like it and wished he would've had this training prior to his deployments to Afghanistan. So, when we got ready to run the class I figured it would be a sure sell out. Wrong. We approached the professionals first - law enforcement and military. Some told us they didn't think they were in shape enough. Seriously, they told us that. One attendee showed the promo video to his First Sergeant in his Infantry unity (National Guard component). The 1SG said the course looked great, but was scared he couldn't keep up. I couldn't believe it! First, that he would think that way. Second, that he would admit it to a subordinate! At least he was honest.....I guess? Then we took it to the civilian market. Most people we approached took a pass. They said it was too advanced - that they weren't ready for it. Never mind the fact that many of these people had trained with us before. They knew were weren't there to set them up for failure. Still, many wouldn't budge. The simple fact is that some people are intimated by dynamic training. They're afraid they might look bad in front of their buddies. It's a comfort zone issue. And it's not just the private sector either. As I stated before, it's in the military and law enforcement circles as well. I didn't write this post as a rant against them. I wrote it as a reminder to us. Everything you want in terms of skill, ability, and knowledge is waiting for you on the other side of your comfort zone. Find it. Push past it and don't let anyone or anything get in the way of you becoming the most dangerous person in the room. We're counting on you. Stay sharp, Mark Barritus Defense P.S. Next year is going to be absolutely sick! We're working on a new website, new courses, new locations, and a few new surprises. I'll reveal it all soon.

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