The Terrorist Attack You Didn't Hear About

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Last week, there was a small scale terrorist attack against a police officer in Arizona. It was given little attention in the media. According to reports, Ismail Hamed, made a 911 call in which he swore allegiance to the Islamic State. During the call he reportedly asked the dispatcher to send an officer to his location so that he could "deal with them." Maricopa County Sheriff's Deputy, Brandon Wells, was the first officer to arrive on scene. Upon initial contact, Wells found Hamed quite docile with his hands in his pockets, but it quickly escalated from there. According to reports, Hamed drew a knife to attack the officer, but was shot and wounded. The officer's body camera captured the intense footage, which you can see by clicking here. Depending on whether your news source leans right or left, stories like these are typically spun in one of two ways: SPIN #1. This is another "lone wolf" attack by a terrorist sympathizer who was radicalized by ISIS propaganda. No need to investigate further. SPIN #2. This is was the act of a mentally disturbed person acting on his own motivations. And of course, it has nothing to do with Islam. Either way, they're both wrong. This topic goes deep, but I'll make my comments short.

1. It's unfortunate that the report that I linked to above labeled the suspect a "wannabe terrorist." What does that even mean? The suspect's alleged statements and actions here are no different than those made by jihadists who attack Israeli police in the West Bank, in Europe, and elsewhere in the world.

2. To be a jihadist, all you have to do is believe in the doctrine and commit violence in obedience to it. Full stop. There's no rule that says only successful attacks earn you the moniker of "true" terrorist. If were the case, the Al-Qaeda operatives who conducted the failed attack on the WTC in 1993, were just "wannabes." Does that make sense to you?

3. When reporters, pundits, other talking heads use words like "wannabe, "loser," "low-functioning," etc., to describe these attackers, they take the focus off the real story - that there is a known and documented jihadi network present in the United States. This network is laboring to subvert the Constitution and the Republic. Yet, the federal government, the media, and academia refuse to acknowledge or discuss this known threat. In some instances, they even suppress information about it.

Finally, I have some questions for you:

  • What is significant about Hamed's reported call to 911?

  • Why would he want to attack police officer?

  • How could we discover if he were part of a larger network recruiting and indoctrinating others in the community?

  • How could we use this knowledge help make our communities safer?

As it turns out, we cover these topics and more in our Defense Against Lone Wolf Attacks: What Police Need to Know About Domestic Terrorism. Make no mistake, more attacks are coming. Boston, Orlando, San Bernardino - these are just the beginning. The best way to stop an attack is to see it before it's coming. You can't do that if you don't know what you're looking for.

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