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Required Reading: Hebrews 11 (special emphasis on vv. 36-40)

"In a nation of frightened dullards there is a sorry shortage of outlaws, and those few who make the grade are always welcome ..." Hunter S. Thompson

If you have not seen my YouTube introductory video to this topic, please do here.

We have discussed ad nauseum responses to large scale disasters and being active men in this present world. We have learned to hold our material possessions in a lesser estate. Let us now progress into the keystone which is supported by this conglomerate of bricks and stones. It all leads up to this. It will benefit you nothing to have learned to let go of materialism and dedicate yourself to affirmative action and leadership if can not function in the midst of chaos.

For purposes of this discussion I will use chaos to refer to social disorder and disarray, whether that be the failure/absence of government institutions, or contingencies which drive us to the point of clandestine existence. If calling the law is not an option for you (and that may legitimately be the case without deviating from what is right and just) then you have found yourself in chaos. If you are isolated in insurrection without immediate allegiance to the faction whose territory you occupy, you are in the midst of chaos.

If you are the kind of person who has sweaty palms and heart palpitations because your vehicle inspection is three days past expiration, you are not yet mentally prepared for this discussion. We are looking for men who can ride dirty. I am talking about the kind of men who are cut loose from the clutches of death on one condition, and blatantly go out and violate that condition. If you are the kind of man who goes around running off at the mouth about how you sure don't want to be martyred, you are not yet prepared for this conversation. We are looking for men who, under threat of all violence and torture, will without second thought poke the bear. We are looking for men who will willingly become outlaws - funding, aiding, abetting, and even participating in crimes against the state and all semblance of the order of the kingdom of this world. Not only all of this, but we are looking for the kind of men with the kind of genital fortitude who do not stomp their brakes when they see a conspicuous looking dodge charger under the shade tree by the highway. We need men who put their fingers in the faces of the highest authorities of the land and say, "You have done wrong". We need men with guts. And guns too. The average church security goon would drop his guard the moment he saw a government official without questioning motive or all the various possibles. You may carry a gun, wear a #operator cap, and brag away your insecurities by trying to subvert and outdo every other threatening male around you, and still be a sheep.

Don't get me wrong, most people are sheep and there is nothing wrong with that. Don't insult a sheep for trying to be a sheep. But if you fall into that category then you must ask yourself, "What am I doing here?" We need sheep. The ladies who teach at the elementary school I used to work at as a part time School Resource Officer are sheep. The people driving mindlessly up and down the highway commuting to their yuppie jobs to support their addiction to the predictable life are sheep. But the blowhard in tacticool skinny jeans who would wet his whities before he could get his gun out of the holster when encountered with a real situation is deserving of ridicule. Either harden up or stop puffing out your chest. And stop saying you're a warrior because you like to turn money into gun smoke on the weekends. That is literally an insult to people who actually are warriors.

We need outlaws. We need them because they do the tasks that most of the squares who make up general populous won't do. We need outlaws like Moses and Aaron who stuck their fingers int he faces of the king of Egypt, and had a battle of magic with the sorcerers. We need outlaws like Elijah who will pronounce death upon corrupt rulers, and carve false prophets to shreds. We need outlaws like Paul who, in the end, accepted the fate of an outlaw gladly, as did our Lord who was himself counted among the outlaws. We need outlaws like George, who infiltrated the heathen army and won many scores of believers by his testimony and martyrdom. We need outlaws like men who I will not name in this forum that are currently conducting and managing illegal international operations for the propagation of the gospel and the distribution of scripture. And we need outlaws like Sam Childers, who despite having no business in the trafficking of Sudanese children, made it his business and waged warfare with the wicked army of warlord antichrists. Outlaws are caught somewhere between the top half and the bottom half, wherefore they fill a particular void.

This topic will be revisited in a future email.

In Christ,

The Blue Shepard

Mississippi John

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