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Biblical Masculinity Pillar 1: Set Apart

A Big thanks to Scott Smith for allowing me to publish his articles here on Vigilant Wolf. Scott is past guest of Ever Vigilant podcast (listen here). Scott is a dynamic speaker who is passionate about men ascending into what God has called them to be.

Set Apart – To make something different or special

Has God called Christians to blend into the world that surrounds us? Has He called us to love the people around us with a love so passive that we dare not upset them with the truth? Has He called us to be silent, to keep our heads down and not even make a ripple across the water?

The simple answer is: No. If you’re living this way and believing this is the way God wants you to live out the Gospel in this fallen world, you’re mistaken. 

You see, from the beginning God has set His people apart. They have never been asked to compromise or blend in on a permanent basis. 

Let me explain what I mean by set apart. We are to be different than those that live in the world. We should be different on a great many levels. The outside world should be able to look at us and KNOW we are different…. that we are Christians. To be clear, I’m not using “set apart” as isolation. I’ll address that in Pillar #3.

Let’s look at a few examples and then get down to what this has to do with Biblical Manhood.

This began with Abram in Genesis 12. God called Him out of his own land and away from even his own family.

We see Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt and God delivered the law to them. This law was given for two reasons:

To show that no man is perfect, that righteousness is      unattainable by humans i.e. to show us our sin.To set the Israelites apart from the other tribes.

The Israelites continued to live like this well into the new testament. The question then becomes: what does the New Testament say about this? Didn’t Jesus eat and drink with sinners? 

Of course, He did. But He didn’t LIVE with them in a way that He didn’t stand out. He didn’t ever- NOT ONCE- conform to the world and the people in it and not share truth.

In 2 Corinthians 6 Paul tells us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. In fact, the verb he is using there is correctly translated to STOP being unequally yoked. 

Honestly, there are so many verses that demand this, that I don’t have the time to recap them all. 

This begs the question: Why, then, do we not set ourselves apart?

The short answer is that most men who claim to be Christians are cowards. I’ll repeat myself so we are all on the same page. Most men calling themselves Christians are COWARDS and don’t have the stones to stand up for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In today’s world, we fear what people will say about us. It’s understandable in a way. No one likes to be called a bigot which is the go-to response when a Christian takes a stand against sexual immorality, same sex marriage, abortion and any number of today’s hot button social issues. 

It’s also understandable when all you hear from the pulpit is love. Just love people. Jesus is love. He just wants to love you. He’s just waiting to have a relationship with you. He’s just waiting right there by your side. Just hoping you’ll give him a chance. To give you a sloppy wet kiss. 

Do you know what this description of Jesus reminds me of? My dog. 

If you want to know about what kind of warrior Jesus is, go read Revelation 19:11-16. You’ll get an altogether new appreciation for the King of kings.

Ask yourself this question: If a 100 people followed me around for a day, would even ONE of them be able to tell that I am a Christian? 

If the answer is no, you are not set apart. If you are not set apart, you are not something different. If you were truly saved by Christ, you are a new creature and CANNOT be comfortable living the same life that you lived before. 

The church needs men. Real men. Men that will live lives beyond reproach. Men who walk in Spirit and truth. Men who are set apart. 

So, how about it? Are you man enough to be called names because you stand for the Word of God? Are you man enough to actually share the Gospel? Are you man enough to be different than people at your job or gym or anywhere else you hang? 

I guess what I’m really asking is…. are you man enough to be SET APART?

If so, get in the game. The church needs you. We are waiting. Return to the Fight.

Scott has laid out the explanations and Biblical foundations for each of the Three Pillars of Manhood. They will be released originally as blog posts. If you want to know more, subscribe and contact Scott through his website banishedfromeden.com/




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