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Biblical Masculinity Pillar 3: Overwatch

A Big thanks to Scott Smith for allowing me to publish his articles here on Vigilant Wolf. Scott is past guest of Ever Vigilant podcast (listen here). Scott is a dynamic speaker who is passionate about men ascending into what God has called them to be.

Overwatch - to watch over

We’ve discussed Set Apart. We’ve discussed Discipline.

Now we need to move to the final Pillar:


What is overwatch? If I had to pick a few terms to explain it I’d say it’s wide ranging extreme stewardship. I know, it’s a mouthful.

Let’s talk about stewardship. Stewardship is a common theme throughout the Bible. Typically, when we are discussing stewardship, it’s in reference to money, talent or a calling of some type. Because of that, I want to draw a clear distinction between generally discussed stewardship and what we are actually called to do as masculine Christian men.

We are to watch over what God has given us. We are to watch over our family. We are to protect them physically. We are to guard their hearts. We are to pour into them, to serve them.

We are to protect our finances to provide for our family, to bless those in need and, yes, support our pastors.We are to surround ourselves with other Christian men to challenge us, to hold us accountable and to support us. In so doing, we are taking on overwatch of a community. The community of those men, their families and their lives. We are to be set apart as a community, but not isolated as a man.

You see, when we know what we are called to do, stewardship is a woefully underwhelming description of those responsibilities.

We are going to take it a step further below. But, I’d suggest we pause here and take stock of what’s happening now.

If you can’t scale a privacy fence or run half a mile…can you protect your family?

If you can budget a month of finances…can you provide financial stability?

If you can’t respond in patience and kindness…can you shepherd hearts?

If you don’t study the Bible…how do you know you aren’t allowing your family to be misled?

If you can’t do these things for your family…you can’t do them for the other families in your community. Am I suggesting everyone is a one man wrecking crew and black ops CIA assassin? No. I’m suggesting that as a COMMUNITY of MEN, we can exceed the needs of the community and provide the overwatch that God has called us to.

Taking it a step further…we see in Matthew 11 that the kingdom of heaven has

suffered violence and that the violent have come to take it by force. Combine that with Jesus being aggressively concerned for taking care of widows and orphans. He is especially harsh to those who would harm a child. He drove out the merchants from the house of God with a righteous anger from the Father Himself.

For those of us that have a storm inside of us, there is a position of overwatch for us. A place for us to stand guard over the sheep. A place for us to fend off the wolves, bears and serpents.

If only there were a group of men who would walk together in the righteousness of God and aggressively protect the flock given to them.

I pray for a day when someone who would think to lay hands on his wife…or abuse a child…or take advantage of a family in an unholy way would stop and weigh the price of this action - weigh the price against the men of the church riding a wave of righteous anger coming to visit it upon him.

Stewardship is a principle...

Overwatch is a great responsibility with tremendous consequences. It is not to be taken lightly.I’ll leave you with this:

If you have a storm inside you, there is a place for you in the Kingdom of God. We need sheepdogs. We need warriors. We need those willing to go without food, water, sleep, comfort and self preservation to protect those who can’t protect themselves.


Get in the war. Return to the Fight.

Scott has laid out the explanations and Biblical foundations for each of the Three Pillars of Manhood. They will be released originally as blog posts. If you want to know more, subscribe and contact Scott through his website banishedfromeden.com/




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