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Bold Coffee Fueling Disaster Relief

James Walton-

Update: Yesterday we made our first donation to Grindstone Ministries. In 17 days they will be leaving on a mission to build a home for victims of human trafficking. It was smaller than I would have liked, by about 20x, but we gotta start somewhere! 

- James 

In 2019 there were 12 named storms that smashed into this nation and did damage, 6 of those were hurricanes. We watched California burn for months and that was after the floods of the Midwest. These natural disasters touched millions of lives and on thing has become very clear: This isn’t going away.

Amidst the 2019 holiday season James Walton, the “Intrepid Commander” at the Prepper Broadcasting Network launched Disaster Coffee. While it sounds like a funny hashtag for Instagram, this new coffee brand has a serious purpose.

Disaster Coffee is handing over 5% of its profits to disaster relief nonprofits. Everything from construction, supply chain to delivery of basic aid is covered by the three operations Disaster Coffee has chosen to support.

For organizations like this every penny counts, and every penny goes towards helping people who have been effected by the very worst that mother nature could throw at them. There are people still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Michael! This is old news and doesn’t garner the big name news coverage. Grindstone Ministries, one of nonprofits Disaster Coffee is helping, has made several deployments in the last year to help the people in Florida.

A Prepper’s Business

The hosts of the Prepper Broadcasting Network are all very familiar with disaster and disaster preparedness. It’s a skill set and motivation that allows them to produce content on a nearly daily basis. The podcast network offers up 5 live shows a week and a host of archival shows. They also produce daily updates they call the Daily Audio Cache.

These hosts are not the Doomsday Preppers from Nat Geo. Instead, they live out a very clear mission that is the tagline of the network: Self Reliance and Independence. They are as much outdoorsman, professionals, spouses and real people as they are preppers.

Disaster Coffee was a business born from the idea that the prepper movement could be much more than just a means of storing things and acquiring skills for the next disaster. Preppers are the ideal people to understand and act to help those who have suffered the woes of natural disaster.

Most people don’t care about disaster victims a month after and if we are going to live through an age of increased disasters, well, these benevolent nonprofits are going to need help!

In all transparency, Disaster Coffee is also out to make money off roasted to order coffee from a great roaster. When you place an order, the coffee is roasted and shipped to your front door. You cannot get off the shelf coffee that can beat that.

Blends and Grinds

Disaster Coffee offer three types of coffee to their customers. All of these can be ordered from www.disastercoffee.com and will be delivered right to your door.

Supply Drop – The very best way to start your mission or your morning. Maybe they are one in the same. Supply Drop is our bright breakfast blend. Its roasted to order and makes you look forward to that alarm. 

Rapid Response – Rapid Response is a dynamic blend that is roasted to order and is full of character. If you are into a strong and complex coffee Rapid Response is your fuel. 

CATEGORY 6 - Category 6 is our powerful single origin dark roast. Born in Sumatra, this dynamic coffee is roasted to order. Clearing mental or physical debris, Category 6 will keep you engaged and effective. 

Are you interested in helping fuel disaster relief efforts around this nation? Whether you fall in line with these preppers or not, we know that rough waters are ahead. The help is only going to come from people like us.

Look at Australia! The country is suffering from apocalyptic bushfires that will change the nation forever. How many people were prepared for this? It’s a terrifying scene in Australia right now. Benevolent Nonprofits are going to be the ones that show up and heal these battered communities.

It might be time for us all to consider our role in disaster recovery. It’s definitely time for all of us to start drinking fresh roasted coffee!

James Walton is the owner of Prepper Broadcasting Network, and has been freelance writing in the survival and preparedness niche for the past two years. He has been a guest of Ever Vigilant several times. You can listen to those episodes here, here, and here.

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